Dudine (doo-deen)

1. A female dude.
2. A slang word originating from New York City in the late 19th century describing someone who is fancy or sharp in dress and demeanor.

Dudine designer Jennifer Kramer developed an appreciation for quality materials and beautiful details during her years working in the accessories departments at magazines such as W, Marie Claire and InStyle. Jen launched Dudine in 2012 with a vision to fuse her expertise in the jewelry industry with an innate wanderlust and a commitment to help those in need.

Each season, the Dudine collection is inspired by Jen’s travels to a specific region. Ten percent of the profits are donated to a charity that benefits that area. While each season sees an evolution in design inspiration thanks to the variety of the different cultures, Dudine maintains a signature aesthetic each season by blending key elements of Jen’s effortless bohemian and a rock n’ roll style.

The Dudine collection is made of bold but easy pieces that are meant to be worn anywhere with anything. The goal was to create adaptable pieces for everyday wear as well as special occasions. The result was statement pieces that are effortless when worn alone and show-stopping when layered together.